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Effective Transition from Design to Production (Series on Resource Management)

(Oct 4, 2007)

Taking a new product from the design stage to large scale production can cause processes in many companies to break down, contributing to the cost of manufacturing and while increasing negative pressure on the products launch into the market. Effective Transition from Design to Production provides planning techniques and guidelines to lead a proposed new product smoothly through the proposal, design, and manufacturing stages in an efficient and cost-effective way. Organized in sequential steps, the text outlines the seven stages of the production process: proposal, system design, detailed design, manufacturing planning, production readiness, low rate initial production, and production.

Hardcover: 272 pages
Publisher: AUERBACH
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1420046861
ISBN-13: 978-1420046861

Environmental Life Cycle Analysis

(Oct 11, 1997)

The trend in industry and with the EPA is to prevent wastes before they are created instead of treating or disposing of them later. This book assists design/systems engineers and managers in designing or changing a product or set of processes in order to minimize the negative impact on the environment during its life cycle. It explains the overall concept of environmental life cycle analysis and breaks down each of the stages, providing a clear picture of the issues involved. Chapters 1 and 2 provide an introduction and overview of the environmental life cycle analysis process. Chapter 3 establishes the basis and methodologies required for analysis through description of the basic framework, definition of boundaries, use of checklists, data gathering processes, construction of models, and interpretation of results. Templates and special cases that may be encountered and how to handle them are addressed in Chapter 4. Chapters 5 through 9 go into detail about modeling, issues, and data collection for each stage of the product life cycle. The final chapter provides a summary of the various steps and offers ideas on how to present data and reports.

(Lewis Publishers)
ISBN: 1566702143
Retail: $65.00
Genre: Technological

Waste Minimization as a Strategic Weapon

(Jan 20, 1996)

Waste Minimization as a Strategic Weapon provides guidance on how to design, implement, evaluate, and maintain a waste minimization program. It describes how waste reduction programs can be successfully coordinated into company procedures, while simultaneously improving that company's bottom line. It illustrates how to set goals and metrics for a waste minimization program, how to determine the progress of such a program, and how to calculate the true costs of environmental compliance. The underlying assumption is that waste is a manageable resource, and can therefore be turned into profit when managed appropriately. This comprehensive new book ties together the various systems, listed below, into a cohesive waste minimization program called Environmental Resources Management (ERM).

(Lewis Publishers)
ISBN: 156670135-X
Retail: $80.00
Genre: Technological