Laguna Treasure cover

Laguna Treasure

A Virginia Davies Mystery

Virginia Davies, a graduate student in history is embroiled in an unclassic adventure involving a hoard of gold, thieves and a ring of smugglers in a plot that almost costs Virginia and her friends their lives.

Laguna Treasure begins in 1933 in a watery cave in the coastal mountains of Southern California. Sixty plus years later, an antique dealer friend of Virginia's, Abbey McQueen, provides a clue that launches Virginia on a perilous adventure.

Virginia finds her life is placed in jeopardy by a group of thieves interested in gaining her treasure at any cost. People she contacts keep turning up dead. She and Dr. Andy Clark, her boyfriend and Professor of Engineering, plunge headlong into a vicious, no-holds-bared, seemingly non-ending struggle to what could be a one way journey to survive.

iUniverse, Incorporated
ISBN-13: 9780595093311
Genre: Mystery
Retail: $15.95

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