Left at Georgetown cover

Left at Georgetown

A Virginia Davies Mystery

Virginia Davies has a lot going on in her life, a new marriage, a new city, a new job, a new play. And murder.

After marrying longtime boyfriend Dr. Andy Clark, Virginia moves with him from Orange County, California, to Georgetown, Texas. She takes a job as curator at the prestigious San Gabriel Museum; but her main source of pride is that her manuscript, "Murder as a Community Project" has been optioned for production as a play.

Unfortunately, Virginia's propensity for finding trouble has followed her from the West Coast. At the first Georgetown Community Theatre rehearsal she attends, she discovers one of the actors, a reporter for an area newspaper, with a knife stuck in his chest, and it's not a prop.

Virginia is dragged into the action packed mystery by some strange photographs and the antics of a few of the actors. The kidnapping of her husband to keep her from nosing around has the reverse affect. She wants revenge and the murderer.

Snooping around in her usual unorthodox manner she manages to rummage through trouble in Georgetown, Austin and Williamson County, Texas, while people keep trying to kill her.

In her misadventure she needs to befriend not just the police but the Mafia as well. The cops are doing a poor job of trying to protect her while the Mafia is keeping her alive and well. Using her wits, cunning and guts, she discovers who kidnapped her husband, who the murderer is and brings down a local crime syndicate trying to get a foothold in Central Texas.

L & L Dreamspell, publisher
ISBN: 9781-1-60318-020-7
Genre: mystery
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