quest for the crystal skull cover

Murder at Webster Point Inn

A Virginia Davies Mystery

Webster Point Inn, an old manor house built before the Revolutionary War, set in spectacular forests and hills above the deep-blue waters of Lake Ontario, is the vacation destination of Virginia Davies Clark and her husband Dr. Andy Clark. He envisions a relaxing retreat fishing in a near-by trout stream and out on Lake Ontario.

After reading about the Inn's history involving ghosts, pirates and buried treasure near the Inn in the seventeen hundreds, Virginia, a born snoop, starts to delve into its history. The other Webster Point Inn guests are a mixed bag of amateur treasure hunters who are not what they seem, especially after a dead body turns up.

Things go from bad to worse as Virginia uses her detecting skills to sift through facts, provoke the suspected killers and use the legend about the Inn being haunted to delve dangerously deeper into the mystery. She narrowly avoids becoming one of the increasing numbers of corpses on more than one occasion.

Virginia entangles the reader in a rapid-fire adventure, hashing through the worlds of ghosts, pirates, treasure, drugs, sailing, forgeries, smuggling and murder to unravel the haunting mystery and crack the case.

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