Mystery Books
Chimera by David Ciambrone

Chimera(2013) -- a Jack Turner mystery

Someone breaks into the high-level security section of USAMRIID (US ARMY MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR INFECTIOUS DISEASES) at Fort Detrick, Maryland and stole vials of weaponized smallpox. Later the individual is found dead at the Washington, DC train station.

Dangerous Threads

Dangerous Threads(2013) -- Virginia Davies mystery #7

Virginia Davies-Clark is called back into the service of the Smithsonian Central Security Service and the Department of Defense, along with her husband Andy and her friend Donna, to locate a quilt. This isn't just any quilt. It contains wire recorder data on Einstein's final "Uniform Field Theory" or Theory of Everything.

Trashy Gourmet

The Trashy Gourmet (2012) -- An Adam Thomas mystery #2

Adam Thomas has a knack for finding dead bodies. He also has a knack for tracking down cold-blooded killers. During his month-long sojourn in chef's school in Georgetown, Texas, newspaper columnist Adam Thomas, aka the Trashy Gourmet, embroils himself embroiled in yet another murder mystery.

Quest for the Crystal Skull

Quest for the Crystal Skull (2010) -- Virginia Davies mystery #6

Virginia entangles the reader in a rapid-fire adventure involving the worlds of murder, voodoo, and antique fraud and the sights and sounds of Texas, New Orleans and Rome up to the high stakes end on the Mediterranean Sea.

San Gabriel's Secret (2009) -- Adam Thomas mystery #1

A mysterious Civil War journal lands in the hands of newspaper columnist Adam Thomas - immersing him in a strange and deadly treasure hunt.

poisons handbook for writers book cover

Poison: A Handbook for Writers (2008)

Help in planning a poisoning is on the way for mystery writers with this handbook. Those who kill 'fictionally' will find this book a valuable resource!

Left At Georgetown (2007) -- Virginia Davies mystery #5

Virginia Davies has a lot going on in her life - a new marriage, new city, new job, a new play - and murder!

Castle Finlaystoke: (2005) -- Virginia Davies Mystery #4

Museum curator Virginia Davies is on a vacation with her fiancé, Dr. Andy Clark, and his parents to Scotland to visit Andy's Great Uncle, The Baron of Finlaystoke. Snobbish relatives, pompous lawyers, poisonings, a madman on a motorcycle and someone out to kill her make for another misadventure for Virginia.

Pelican Cove: (2003) -- Virginia Davies Mystery #3

While vacationing in the romantic seaside town of Pelican Cove with her boyfriend, Virginia stumbles upon the truth about a sunken ship involving smuggling, drugs, deceit and murder.

Napa Nights (2001) -- Virginia Davies Mystery #2

Museum curator, Virginia Davies, attends the American Archaeological Convention in Napa, California. The arrival of The Reverend Hockings is controversial enough. His dropping dead makes it worse.

Laguna Treasure: (2000) -- Virginia Davies Mystery #1

Virginia Davies, a graduate student in history is embroiled in an unclassic adventure involving a hoard of gold, thieves and a ring of smugglers in a plot that almost costs Virginia and her friends their lives.