The Trashy Gourmet

PRAISE for The Trashy Gourmet

The story pacing here is superb; just fast enough to make the reader want to keep reading and turning pages to see what happens next without totally overwhelming the reader. Character involvement and plot layering techniques are good, with sharp dialogue and interesting subplots.
It reminds me of Jack du Brul and early Clive Cussler.

--Barb Wilson--
Freelance Editor

Are you hungry for excitement? Then read 'The Trashy Gourmet' by David Ciambrone. It's sure to curb your appetite!

--Mary Luce Aiello--
Author of 'Vigilante Justice, A Marty Wilson Mystery'


"Both Hubby & I read the book Trashy Gourmet & love it!

"We loved the referral to places around here [Georgetown] that we have frequented for the last 40 years. Hubby was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Oct. and I bought this book for him to read while waiting in Drs offices, etc., and he did enjoy the light-hearted book. So, please tell Dave that his good writing has helped Hubby over a difficult time. Our daughter is coming from the Dallas area for T-giving and she is also an avid reader. She will be taking Trashy Gourmet home with her for a few weeks."

Virginia Davies-Clark fans, rejoice!

This tale has it all; from hefty splashes of history to escalating tension and riveting adventure that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

Mr. Ciambrone has proven once again he is a master of tale-telling, and his latest book will grab hold of you and not let go until the final page is turned.

I look forward to reading his next release.

--Barb Wilson--
Freelance Editor

Quest book cover

PRAISE for Quest for the Crystal Skull

With Virginia Davies, there is no down time. She and her girlfriend take on some determined bad guys in a fast paced trip to exotic locations. Her and her friend's determination and sexy behavior get them both into trouble and out of it. The crystal skull is the focal point and they want it back from the goons who stole it. The climax is spine tingling and there are some R-rated parts that are sexy and funny at the same time. I pity any crook that crosses Virginia's path.

--Marc Jarvis--

San Gabriel Secret book cover

San Gabriel's Secret

David Ciambrone's book San Gabriel's Secret is a compelling, fast paced novel that grabs your attention and interest from its beginning lines to the final chapter, making it a very difficult story to put down or set aside.

David's training and past experiences make his writing ring true. In San Gabriel's Secret the excitement will leave you looking for another serving.

--Roger M. Busfield, Ph.D.--
Former Director of The Dramatic Arts and Writing Program,
Michigan State University
Author of The Playwright's Art For Stage, Screen, Radio and Television

This book with Adam Thomas and his girlfriend has more twists and turns than a pretzel. Good likeable characters and a lot of action and surprises. Trying to read one chapter a night before going to bed was impossible. The cliffhangers at the end of the chapters kept me turning the pages. This should be a movie. I see why this won a award.

--Brian Hedstrom--

Left at Georgetown cover

Left at Georgetown

If you're looking for a little excitement in your life, turn "Left at Georgetown." Because when Virginia Davies-Clark is on the scene, there's never a dull moment.

--Karen McInerney--
Agatha nominated author of
Murder on the Rocks: a Gray Whale Inn Mystery,
Dead and Berried,
Beads of Doub

Fans of the Virginia Davies mysteries won't be disappointed in this fast-paced, delightful read. Even a move from California to Texas doesn't prevent murder from showing up on her doorstep, and when Virginia's on the job, everyone else better watch out.

--Sylvia Dickey Smith--
Author of The Third Eye mystery series

book cover with Scottish castle

Castle Finlaystoke

I just finished reading Castle Finlaystoke, and you're right about Virginia Davies. Whenever she's around, there's never a dull moment.

--Evelyn Cullet--